About Me

wow, this is hard, above is the face to a name photo. I was tempted to write, I’m just a normal girl, mum to three amazing boys living my life for God, nothing really very amazing or spectacular at all.

then that would be a lie…

The truth, in fact, I am a daughter of the king! king of kings, lord of lords, prince of peace. ruler of all of heaven and earth.


Daughter of the king

Mumma …. Carter, Ethan, Joshua & Lamar (my furry rascal)

Sister …. whos counting right?!

Auntie… No Daughters so my nieces are the closest I get to all things girlie.

Friend… My Crown straighteners.

Follower … Jesus.

Leader… my tribe listed above

lover… Of jesus (obviously), truth, justice, freedom and chocolate

Dreamer … all things big and beautiful and slightly scary

Seeker …. of truth

Sower … kingdom seeds

Harvester … of Gods blessings