Before I start, I want to state this post is not a sympathy vote, a boo-hoo, feel sorry for Terri post,

God has spent many long hours working me through this particular area in my life and he is always very gracious and patient when I default back to the enemy’s lies.

Which, in itself, is a worthy lesson, when with our human instinct is to revert back to lies that the enemy has well embedded into our belief system. God is always so loving and patient. he is kind and understanding. He doesn’t get fed up waiting and move on to the next person and say, oh stuff that, I’ve tried with her and failed, I’ll just forget it. He will never get bored reminding us of our true value and worth.

So getting back to what I wanted to write about… This morning in my daily Bible reading, Ephesians 2, I was reminded of the truth that we are God’s Masterpiece,

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Ephesians 2:10 NLT

For all the times I have read this, just this morning I felt prompted to google masterpiece?

I found a few definitions, all around the same description that a masterpiece is a great work, a creation given much praise, an artist’s best work, outstanding creativity.

From someone who loves nature and is often blown away by the beauty of this earth, I’m completely amazed that we humans are classed as his best work. Hard to fathom really! And even harder to fathom when if, like me, you have spent the first 30 odd years of your life believing that you got here by accident.

I’ll not beat about the bush or sugar coat this truth and, in advance, if this causes any family member distress, I can only apologise. But being the result of a drunken fumble, being denied for a lot of years, and kept as a dirty secret from family, most definitely left some room for the enemy to get in and feed me lies.

Thankfully for me, God had a plan and I was placed with great foster parents who gave me a great life and loved me so well; I’m so thankful for them and I’m here now writing this, so it’s all good.

“You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.”

Psalms 139:5 NLT

The point that I want to make is that the enemy has gone to a great effort from a very young age to convince me that I was an accident, unwanted, arrived by mistake and a lot of other lies he has managed to freeload onto the back of the “you were a mistake lie”

I know I’m not alone. This is the enemy’s favourite scheme, get them while they are young! I know you don’t have to be the result of an affair or end up in the foster system to believe these lies either. The enemy is the master deceiver and he can take something small and insignificant and twist it into the biggest lie you will ever believe. Even something as small as a child overhearing a silly argument or an off-handed comment;  can be twisted to convince a child they are unwanted or unloved.

But here we read God’s word, his truth, and it’s telling me that I’m His Masterpiece, his greatest work, his outstanding creativity…

How could the artist create a Masterpiece without first having purposely planned and thought through his greatest work? It could not have happened by accident. My thought is when an artist is doing his best piece of work he will use the best materials, take time to plan it through and will have a plan and purpose for it when it is completed. There is no way it just comes from a few left over scraps of material, thrown together absentmindedly with nothing in mind to do with it after.

If what the Bible tells me is true, which I know it is because it is God’s word, I could not be accidental, I could not be a mistake, I had to be created with plans and purpose.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

Sometimes a masterpiece ends up not being cared for very well. Sometimes a masterpiece ends up in the wrong hands. Sometimes a masterpiece can end up hidden away for a long time and undiscovered. Sometimes a masterpiece can get LOST. But it’s value remains the same, it’s worth and purpose for creation doesn’t change.  Sometimes people recognise the art and appreciate it but don’t value the artist  Teri Horton paid five dollars for a Jackson Pollock painting at a thrift store which had an estimated value of fifty million. She didn’t have a clue, but someone knew its value … obviously not the previous owner.

Do you know your value?  Regardless of who did or didn’t see your value to this point. whoever left you in the metaphoric thrift store or hid you away from view, I want to remind you God knows your value, your worth and he calls YOU his Masterpiece. And Jesus knew it because he paid the ultimate price for God’s Masterpiece.

My prayer today is that you know and fully understand this truth, that you have the discernment to know when the enemy is speaking lies to you, and you have the wisdom and strength to call them out and replace them with the whole truth, that is THAT YOU ARE GOD’S MASTERPIECE!

11 thoughts on “Masterpiece

  1. Love this Terri! God gave me the word masterpiece last week as I struggled with some thoughts of who I am and how the enemy twists this. So This is so apt and really encouraged me. Thank you. U write so beautifully x

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  2. As a fellow unplanned birth, I assure you that God has a plan for each & every human life. He knew you before the world began. It DOES NOT MATTER how you were concieved, it only matters what you do with your one and only life. Blessings to you 💗


  3. Terri, you can speak to this subject in a way that very few can in this society. The modern psychology view of childhood is that a child needs a secure base. My children got that but the foster daughters did not. You know what they are facing in a way that I do not and that is a very precious gift that you have. May Christ bless that gift you have and use it to bless very many people.

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  4. Terri
    What a Masterpiece indeed ♥️ even though your earthly father wasn’t there for you at your beginning, your Heavenly Father has always been with you, and I know He’s delighted in this particular Masterpiece. You have and are managing to use the life experiences specific to your circumstances to reach out to others and help them find their way.
    God Bless you my beautiful wee niece ♥️♥️♥️

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  5. Love this work of yours that proves the point of beauty or true value is in the eyes of the beholder and God who created all that is seen and unseen is the beholder that really matters when it comes to knowing each of our values, He is after all the judge of all things and knows all things so we are in good hands for sure! Your story is very touching and heartfelt because I can see how not being fully appreciated by our parent’s or in some cases just our biological link to being on earth isn’t so simple and easy for all people. The silver lining in the cloud first of all was that God had a plan for you all along and you were adopted by loving beautiful human beings that are your spiritual God given parents who must be so precious in my eyes, like you are! I’m not just giving lip service here I really mean it and I see how in life what could look like an accident or mess can turn out to be incredible! I love films and worked on some and even living in LA for a time I thought I would really want that life to get into the thick of it as far as the movie making; and I could have after I got right into the major studios but God had other plans for me and gave me a taste of that so I could see some good reasons to stop dreaming about what would be so cool, but in reality would probably turn into some nightmare for real! That is why i really like many old movies that were made in a different era and had real quality of story, an underlying meaning or a message in the film, and as well had great old school stars many of which came from hardship and tough times and didn’t let it go to their heads becoming what we see these days in that fake backstabbing industry! This one film I have a copy of it which I would give it to you if I could because in it this WWII character a US Marine gets marooned on a South Pacific Island with of all things a Nun, who had been there with a priest teaching the natives Christianity until the Japanese invasion came and the priest died leaving the Nun alone! Along comes this strong Marine who touchingly never had a family or parents he knew about and said to the Nun “there I was at the Alison street orphanage a new born baby in a milk crate left there on the steps!” I guess we could say like a bottle of milk. He goes onto say when the Nun says she is sorry, he just blurts out like no problem, and says it’s OK, “what’s the difference I got born didn’t I!” This man was saying he knew life is a blessing and he was thankful to be alive. The point I have to make to you is this man ends up protecting the Nun and after the Japanese come back they have to hide out in a cave but when the US forces are coming, and there will be a huge battle on this little island. But, the Marine because God saw him as a masterpiece ends up being solely responsible for saving hundreds of GI’s lives which i won’t give away anymore in case you ever get to watch it! The ending makes me cry because the Director a great one John Huston did a fabulous job with the great actors he had to work with and I see they were very nice human beings in real life and the photographer being superb together they made a subtle touching ending with the closing scene, music and cinematography which I never can forget it! I love that film because I love people like that; they really existed and still do and you are one of them!
    “God bless you!” I’m crying now, so you keep your faith it is so beautiful!!!
    The movie is “Heaven Knows Mr. Alison,” and Heaven knows you!
    You see what we’re talking about here is what God is like, in our imperfect not yet completed masterpiece state we were created in His image, to be part of His eternal family; likened to His greatness and endless love! Amen.


  6. You wrote …”How could the artist create a Masterpiece without first having purposely planned and thought through his greatest work?”…

    The Father has thought through His Masterpiece, but please keep in mind, He isn’t finished. He’s finished when you’re standing before the Father & the Son.

    He’s always at work in our lives, a stroke here, little more there, we’re all His WIP Masterpiece.

    God bless you & the ministry you have here.


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