A Spark from a Sparrow

several birds perching on cable
Photo by abhishek gaurav on Pexels.com

It’s my great privilege to share with you this extract from my grandmother’s book.        The Ards Sparrow. paraphrased from the Beautiful Psalm 139.

From the late Margaret Hawkins – Granny Maggie,

My Dear Child

I have examined your heart and I know everything about you.
I know when you sit down or stand. 
When far away I know your every thought. 
I chart your path ahead of you and tell you when to rest.
I know where you are every moment in time. 
I know everything you are going to say before you say it. 
I precede you and follow you, 
and place my hand of blessing on your head.
I want you to think about this and grasp the wonders 
and glory of it all and believe it with all your heart. 
You can never be lost to My Spirit! 
You can never get away from your God, you are mine!
If I call you up to heaven, I'm there. 
If you go down to the place ofthe dead, I'm there.
If you ride the morning winds to the furtherst oceans, 
even there my hand will guide you. My strength will support you. 
If you try to hide in the darkness the night becomes light around you
 for even darkness cannot hide you from God;
The night shines as bright as the day. 
Darkness and light are both alike to me.
I made all the delicate inner parts of your body and knit them 
together in your mother's womb.
I made you so wonderfully complex! 
My workmanship is marvellous- Every one unique. 
I want you to know that I was there when you were being formed in 
utter seclusion!
I saw you before you were born and scheduled each day of your life 
before you began to breathe. 
Every day was recorded in my book! 
I want you to know and realise that I'm thinking about you constantly.  
You couldn't count how many times a day my thoughts turn towards 
When you wake up in the morning, I'm still thinking about you.
Do not be afraid of the wicked, 
I am in control of everything,NOTHING escapes me. 
I know the wicked, the bloodthirsty,the blasphemers 
but My Name shall stand. I know how silly they can be. 
I know the spirit in you gets grieved at times.
I know in your heart that you know I'm in control, 
I have searched your heart, My dear child and will go on doing so. 
I'm working in you to bring you to love me with all your heart and 
soul and mind to fulfil my promise to you and yours. 
I will lovingly point out anything in you that makes me sad. 
When necessary- for your learning - and I will cleanse you. 
I will lead you in the way of everlasting and bring you safely home
when your time has come. 
Learn this well My Dear Child- I love you with an everlasting love - it changes not!


Your loving Father in heaven. Jesus my son and the Holy Spirit. 
We will remain and be with you now and forevermore.


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