Swamping it!

Surviving half term

I can guarantee you,  I do not undervalue the educational system or teachers. Yes, they teach my boys in a way that I could never.

But, hello, that whole nine to three child care, peace and quiet thing has a lot to be said for it…

Now, now, don’t be jumping on the bad momma bandwagon!

But let me tell you this, of all the gifts and talents my kids could have inherited from me, they had to inherit the ability to be able to talk absolute garbage non-stop for hours on end. 

And yes, yes I love that they have a strong desire to communicate with me. 

But come on!!.. If I have listened to the statistics of the latest Chelsea match once, I’ve listened to it a hundred times.  I get a run down of ball touch percentages, players, their age, build, football career history.  I even know the name of Eden Hazard’s brother’s best friend’s dog and CAT.

Yes, I know all about every dinosaur from the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous periods; how long they lived, what they ate and how many humans tall they stood. So don’t you dare call my child a genius for having all this knowledge without recognising my vast knowledge on said subject. As I promise you, if you’ve been told just once I have heard the same fact at least seven hundred times before you!

And yes I do love being their mum, just a volume button would be nice too.

Rant over!!

Something I love to do with my boys is getting outdoors.  This is nothing new for my boys;  they have always enjoyed walking and we have lost hours in woodland and beaches and hills and mountains.  See when they are running along a beach they have no breath for rambling. 

HA! see where I’m going with this.

People always say, oh Terri, you’re so good always out and about with your boys.



But then it kills two birds

Cuts down on them wrecking the house and Cuts down the babble I have to listen to.  There are only so many times they will try to scream a dinosaur fact over the howling wind and me shouting I can’t hear you with my hat covering my ears.

So needless to say this week involved lots of walks in the great outdoors. a few days ago we went to one of our favourite spots, a woodland not far from where we live. There is a part in the walk where the path takes you through a bit of swamp, as we approached the troll bridge – Yip everyone knows the troll lives there and it has to be approached with serious caution and extreme silence I could see in the distance that the swamp area the path passes had flooded. Of course, this was like a red flag to a bull for my boys as they raced on ahead. 

Just at the edge of the flooded area the boys and dog stopped dead. Joshua turned to say, “Mum we can’t go round it and I don’t think we can go through it, I think we are going to have turn and go back.”  I came closer to the scene to survey the situation. The boys were trying to figure out how deep the flooded area was by trying to coax the dog to lead the way.  Because it’s ok if the mutt drowns!!! (Right?!)

My heart was sinking a little as I wanted to walk that path at the other side and knew that without our water boots on and proper equipment it was very unlikely that we were able to continue on the path. If only I had been more prepared and better equipped.

Sure enough, after a quick snap of the scene, I turned back a little and started down another trail in the forest that would do instead. We lost a few hours in the woods today. Times like that are really precious. Home exhausted and a quick five minute on the sofa before I started the dinner, I went to upload some snaps from our adventure on Instagram when I came across the photo of the swamp and I felt God press in and ask me, what happens when YOU are faced with this situation in life Terri?

I knew what he meant. A stretch of the path ( my life journey) that becomes difficult to pass unaided. Or without special equipment or preparation.

Do I just turn go back? Do I find a different route? Or do I turn to God for help? Am I always equipped with God’s grace and truth to face the situation?

(Obviously I’m super holy and spiritual and always have my ducks in a row so, of course, my answer here will be, equipped and armed at all times… lord.)

Slightly blushing, and in honesty, I’ll admit…

Yeah, in a great big scary pool where I feel like I’m drowning, yes I’m all over that sucker in prayer and scripture, worship CD blasting in the car and devotional on You Version. I get my friends on the ball too. They keep me lifted up with daily scriptures and checking in.

But that wasn’t what God was asking.

He was asking me what if it’s not a full-blown flood, more like a really large puddle.

Circumstances, like things, don’t go my way. Someone doesn’t share my point of view. Someone isn’t sensitive to my feelings. An unexpected bill comes in. My kids break my beautiful new lamp. When I’m tired when I feel stretched. What happens when I face these large puddles?

Do I go back to the start and give up, do I try and find another path, or do I turn to God and allow him to equip me with his grace and truth to wade through that particular puddle?

Do I pick up my Bible and seek truth? (No not to wallop someone)

Do I pray for guidance?

Do I seek support?

Why is it we seem to resist taking the smaller stuff to God? As if on some game show where we only have three lifelines and we keep them for when we are desperate? 

At times I feel silly like I’m wasting Gods time with my girlie “oh this hurt my feelings, daddy” stuff.

It’s not silly. That’s a lie!

God doesn’t want us to use him like a game show lifeline.

Our walk with Jesus was not intended to be a check at the local church on a Sunday with a bit of worship and a quick prayer.

Or with a quick prayer before bed (sorry Mum, but every evening as a kid my mum prayed with me this prayer, “as I lay me down to sleep I trust the lord my soul to keep. And if I die before I wake I trust the Lord my soul to take” – like that didn’t scare me at all that I might croak it in my sleep! But hey I survived this torture and lived to tell the tale so all is good!)

 But, if that’s where you’re at it’s a great start; but work on that. Don’t leave it there.

God wants more.  He wants a relationship with us.  He wants us to talk to him all day, in the shower, on your drive to work, over lunch, cooking dinner,  bedtime, even during Corrie. That’s still a thing, right? 

He wants us to read his word and store his truth in our heart, he wants to lavish us with his love and grace all day every day, not just once a week at Church.

Don’t hold back from God. He sees it all anyway, he is just waiting for you to invite him into your situation.

In Philippians 4:6 it says, “do not be anxious about anything, but in EVERY SITUATION by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

2 thoughts on “Swamping it!

  1. Amazing Terri! It just gets better! I love how you start with everyday occurrences and then turn it over to God. This message speaks all across the board – whether they are mums, dads or singles. Well done. xxx 😍❤️


  2. Goodness Terri your message is in keeping with week 1 of Keys to Freedom, basically encouraging us to hear from God and be able to recognise HIS voice. I love your stories, your reality that you allow us to have a peek at.
    Keep it up, you are a precious gift to all xxx


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