Love Out

Ah, Valentine’s Day!

Consumer heaven!

Day for the lovers…

Firstly… have an amazing day everyone!

Not in a bid to make anyone feel bad for their highlight life on social media, but! For some this is a today can raise a lot of painful issues about their circumstances.

Single parents post about love for their children. Christians their love for Jesus. Pet lovers love for their pets. Couples profess their love via social media to someone sitting in the same room. (It’s ok! I’ve also used social media to communicate to someone in the same judgement here)

It must be pretty tough if you’ve recently lost your spouse to go on FB and read folks posts about how much they are loved.

I’ll be honest in the past this day has left me feeling a little bitter. (not even a little probably on the verge of campaigning to have it boycotted). For me, it seemed to highlight everything I believed then I was missing. or more to the point everything I believed I was not worthy of.

Friends would comfort me and say but look at your lovely boys and Jesus loves you ( all true) and blah blah blah! ( yeah!  when was the last time my boys took me  out on a date to dinner or the cinema!)

This morning I was about to take to social media and blab about how amazing my boys were and how blessed I am to have them which is all true…. promise!  (angelic miniature replicas of their mother)

Then I got the old nudge! (more like this like a holy spirit boot to the shin) What if today wasn’t about how much the world claimed  I was loved.

But,  how much I could love others?

I felt God Challenge me not to allow this day to be defined by what I got rather by what I could give.

By give.

I don’t mean the three flowers in cheap cellophane  the garage are selling for £15.

Love can be shown in lots of different ways.

I want to encourage you to love others today?

  • Buy the coffee for the person in front of you rooting in their pocket for change.
  • Carry that ladies shopping to the car.
  •  Stop in traffic and let that big flashy Range Rover out that you normally wouldn’t because (well it’s just rude to have a car that big).
  • Cook an extra cottage pie at dinner and leave it into your elderly neighbours.
  • If you can afford it whack £20 in an envelope with a take away menu and post it through a single mum or dad door so she doesn’t have to cook some night.
  • hold the door and let someone through in front of you.
  • Pick up the phone and talk to that friend who you haven’t spoke to in months but been on your mind.
  • Tell your friend what good qualities you see in her.

if you can’t do anything else, just pray! Just pray for those people who today is just that little bit tougher.

Lift people up!

Love people. Today be the person you need.

 p.s Jesus does love you!

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